Mrs. Ndangiza has 12 years of professional experience in the area of foreign policy and land-related issues. As the project’s Land Justice Specialist, she lends support to all activities aimed at strengthening the justice sector as well as legal and empirical research on gender and land rights.

Prior to joining the LAND Project, she worked for an International Non-Governmental Organization, RCN Justice & Democratie as a Project Officer in a UN WOMEN funded project, Beyond Raising Awareness- Improving Women’s Access to Land. The project aimed at shifting the social power balance in Rwanda so as to increase women’s capacity to claim and defend their legally protected rights to land, and to increase their individual and collective capacity to determine how this land is used.

From October 2000 to June 2004, Ms. Ndangiza worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Cooperation as Head of the Legal Affairs Division where she liaised with other departments to address legal issues. One of her key achievements was participation in the conception and drafting of International Treaties and Conventions signed and ratified by Rwanda. Ms. Ndangiza is a graduate from the National University of Rwanda with a Bachelor’s degree in Law.